Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tool #1: To Blog or Not to Blog--- Who am I kidding? I Have to Blog!

Creating a blog is something I had never really had the desire to do. There are many blogs out there in the world wide web (that Al Gore invented-- in case you didn't know). Some blogs are funny, others are weird, others are helpful and others will just make you wish you had never read them. I can't say that I haven't mocked plenty a blog or two in my day, but yet... here I am world wide web! THIS is my blog. :) I am just a wallaby wannabe and so my blog will be an ode to Rocko and how he attempted to live a life of modernity in O-Town.

I found the process of creating a blog fairly simple. I already had a google account and then I just followed the steps given in

I can definitely see how having a blog might be helpful in the classroom. Teachers can use blogging as a tool to further communication with students. Through blogs, educators can post assignments and even introduce concepts through explanations or post links to interesting videos or websites. Students will need to demonstrate initiative in their own learning and through the use of computers and the web, this initiative will undoubtedly surface in students as educators move into the 21st century and adapt to the the wave of the future.

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