Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tool #3: Color My World With Images

So finishing this third task was quite interesting and frustrating. I tried a number of image generators and mash-ups only to have them not work... but in the end, I was VICTORIOUS!

I created a word cloud using Word It Up and then I also created a banner at the bottom of my blog utilizing Spell With Flickr. Word clouds have the potential to be very helpful in the classroom. They could be used as a discussion tool or even to review concepts. I have to admit, I need to pull myself away from trying to make my word cloud the perfect size, but I am just too tired right now to change it.

Spell With Flickr could be used to grab students' attention or maybe even as an innovative way for a teacher to present the next topic for a composition writing.

You might be wondering why I wrote "Keeping Up With The Bigheads". If you can tell me how it ties in with my theme you get 4 points. The other reason I put it up is because I am desperately trying to keep up with those of you out there that have managed to finish all 11 tools... you know the big technology wigs. I wish I was finished already. :(

Tool #4 here I come!

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