Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tool #10: Steve Jobs Doesn't Need to Worry About the Economy

There are so many educational applications (apps) out there that it can be overwhelming. Just as is the case with videos and websites, before a teacher assigns an app for students, she must go through it and ensure students will be able to use it appropriately. I looked at some math games that started off with easy addition and subtraction problems, but then continued to multiplication and division. Students in first and second grade would not be able to do all parts of these apps. In other words, even though new technology is readily available for use in the classroom, teachers still need to continue to prepare and plan for good teaching to happen in the classroom.

I looked at Soduko made by Mighty Mighty Good Games. I love this game because it really gets the brain going and works on the students' spatial and reasoning abilities.
I also looked at the Abacus application. The abacus has been used by people for thousands of years and Apple has just brought it to the 21st century. Students can use it to practice many math concepts such as counting, multiples, odd and even numbers, etc. Overall, the new devices students will have available to them in the classroom are so interesting and such a novelty for many kids that they will greatly impact student learning and will ensure students are being prepared with the technology of a modern world.

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